PRESS RELEASE: Nordic Investor Day: Bringing International Capital to the Nordics


Despite their status as a fast-growing entrepreneurial ecosystem that has produced many successful companies and even a few unicorns, the Nordics have historically had a hard time bringing in international capital to invest in their businesses. 

Nordic Investor Day, created by TechBBQ, the Danish Business Angel Network, Nordic Business Angel Network, and DVCA, and hosted by KPMG, aims to solve this problem by promoting collaboration between Nordic and international investors

The importance of internationalisation

If Danish start-ups do not get better at attracting foreign investment it will limit the speed of development of Danish companies and might incentivize entrepreneurs with great ideas to start their business in countries where they can attract these investors.

Denmark is a small country, so it’s very important for start-ups here to be able to find the right investor for them — even if that investor is international. If Denmark and the Nordics are able to attract more international investors, then they will have access to the relevant investor that can assist them in the next stage in the development of their company.

"Denmark is very strong in educating smart people with great ideas and not just in the areas of robotics, renewable energy and biotech. Many of these ideas lead to products and services that would have a global appeal. International investors can play an important role in enabling these companies to accelerate their growth and assist them in entering new countries,"

Eric Bots-Bjerre, Director – M&A, valuation and financial modelling, Deal Advisory, KPMG 

About the event

Nordic Investor Day is a daylong event hosted by TechBBQ and KPMG to provide a unique opportunity for creating new connections as well as reaching out to other international investors who have come to Copenhagen to explore TechBBQ’s array of Nordic innovation and entrepreneurship. The event takes place the day before TechBBQ, the largest start-up event in Scandinavia and one of the largest in the Nordics.

Soft Bank, Atomico, Balderton Capital, Sequoia, byFounders, EQT ventures, Google Ventures, SEED Capital, NOrthzone, Creandum, Accel and many other big players in the funding landscape will take part in this event that seeks to break traditional boundaries between investor groups, allowing all relevant actors in the early phase investment scene to meet and talk under one roof.

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About TechBBQ


Since 2013, TechBBQ has worked to support and strengthen the Nordic ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation, based on the distinctive Nordic values of openness, inclusion, trust, and meeting each other at eye level.

TechBBQ is Scandinavia's largest startup & innovation summit, which in 2019 will gather more than 7,000 Danish, Nordic and International tech entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators of tomorrow. TechBBQ takes place over 2 days in the historic heart of Copenhagen creating local and global networks to drive growth for startups and scaleups. TechBBQ provides a snapshot of the Danish & Nordic stage for entrepreneurship and technology every year

✔ 2 days

✔ 150 speakers

✔ 50+ workshops

✔ 7,500+ attendees

✔ 3,000+ startups

✔ 1000 investors

TechBBQ's Mission

To create a unique entrepreneurial and technological ecosystem in Denmark, in order to put the Nordics on the world map as one of the leading tech, innovation and entrepreneurial hubs in Europe.

We want to make Denmark a “lighthouse” for technology and innovation in the Nordics. TechBBQ's contribution to the building this lighthouse enables the international marketing of Danish entrepreneurship and ensures that those abroad can see this lighthouse no matter their distance from Denmark.


TechBBQ prioritizes quality over quantity in everything we do. In 2019, TechBBQ will try to move away from the current trends comparing the Nordic ecosystem to places like Silicon Valley. We see great value in building an ecosystem that highlights its own strengths – and weaknesses of course. We want focus on what unique values Nordic entrepreneurs and technological innovators rely on and what barriers our culture might have, in terms of becoming the innovative and technological frontrunners that we aspire to be. In Denmark and the rest of the Nordic countries, we do things our way: #THENORDICWAY. TechBBQ puts a spotlight on this and wants to challenge and inspire it by bringing in relevant, experienced actors to share their knowledge and their stories.