48 hours of Tech, Startups and Innovation in Copenhagen

– TechBBQ is back and better than ever!

The official program for the 7th edition of TechBBQ – Scandinavia’s largest tech and startup summit, is out.

On the 18th and 19th of September, TechBBQ will open the doors of Oeksnehallen in the historic meatpacking district and welcome more than 7,500 humans (and a few robots) to Copenhagen for a unique opportunity to meet and learn from innovative minds, well-known startups, scaleup icons, and renowned VCs from all over Europe. 

Why participate you say?

Ever since its beginning TechBBQ has prioritized quality over quantity is everything they do. The programme this year will therefore once again be filled with high quality content delivered by incredible and inspiring people, working to create a better and brighter future for us all. This year, TechBBQ is introducing a lot of new and exciting things. The two most important is our new focus: #TheNordicWay, along with 5 main themes which we will base our program around: 1) Ecosystems, 2) Mental Health, 3) Emerging Technologies, 4) Breakthrough, and 5) Global Conservation. Learn more about all the themes by clicking here.

Developers Corner – Quantum Computing, Programming, AI and Blockchain

This year TechBBQ is adding a new area: The Developers Corner. This area will consist of a Technical stage, inviting speakers to deep dive into the details and best practices regarding cutting-edge new technologies  like quantum computing, HPC, AI, and more. It will also showcase some of the foremost experts in the world from Copenhagen University, Microsoft’s Quantum Computing Lab, IBM, Zapata QC, QuTech, and QC Ware. Tech-heavy startups and corporates will be showcasing and Microsoft will host the inaugural TechBBQ AI & Computer Vision Hackathon. Grundfos has launched a case competition for clean water solutions together with Dojo. The winners will present their solutions on stage and win a trip to Ghana to inspect the current water stations.

 “With this area at TechBBQ this year we are aiming to attract talented STEM enthusiasts, generating content to encourage the growth of the digital agenda.” - Avnit Singh, CEO TechBBQ

Mental Health – The Consciousness Dome

One of this year’s main themes is Mental Health, a topic that does not get enough attention.  This theme will include 21 talks from brilliant people like Mickey Beyer Clausen, whose NASA- and Harvard-supported apps aim to optimize performance and health for everyone, starting with the elimination of jetlag. In partnership with Able, TechBBQ is also excited to bring back The Consciousness Dome, which this year will again feature Mother Ocean and be packed with talks and sessions like “Time for VC’s to get mental?” and “How are you feeling, founder?” 

The Tech, Startup Ecosystem

TechBBQ has been a founder-focused event from the start and we look forward to welcoming a lot of inspirational founders again this year. For example Lina Chen co-founder and former CEO of the Los Angeles-based successful company Nix Hydra, which develops games that appeal to women, will talk about her experience of starting and leaving a startup. Bob Young is the founder and CEO of Lulu.com, a leading international marketplace for new digital content on the Internet, with more than 300,000 recently released titles and more than 15,000 new creators from 80 different countries joining each week. Bob will talk about making the world a better place, using entrepreneurship and capitalism to fund philanthropy efforts. Deemly's Founder and board member Sara Green Brodersen talk about what startups can teach the law sector and Aba Khalid an award-winning social entrepreneur from Pakistan will talk about one of their products Raaji, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) and human expertise to educate girls in developing countries around their reproductive health. As well as many more amazing people who all contribute to a new and better world every day.


We started TechBBQ to accelerate startups and entrepreneurs in their quest to change the world. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand what strengths there are in standing together when you are building products that move against status quo. Today, we have impressive examples like Unity, Pleo, Planday and Tonsser, that all are changing user behaviour and experience. It takes courage and ambition. And that is what we aim to support.

Pia Ella Elmegård, Steering Group Member of TechBBQ and Co-founder & Managing Director at Growth Tribe Denmark 

TechBBQ lives and breathes to build a strong and connected ecosystem for tech, entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and the public sector. We want to make Denmark and the Nordic countries a beacon for technology and innovation in Europe. This is made possible by a dedicated team, as well as hundreds of volunteers and great partners. They all contribute to the creation of this unique entrepreneurship and technology summit, which puts Denmark and the rest of the Nordic countries on the world map as one of the leading innovation and entrepreneurship hubs in Europe

 Avnit Singh, CEO of TechBBQ
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About TechBBQ


Since 2013, TechBBQ has worked to support and strengthen the Nordic ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation, based on the distinctive Nordic values of openness, inclusion, trust, and meeting each other at eye level.

TechBBQ is Scandinavia's largest startup & innovation summit, which in 2019 will gather more than 7,000 Danish, Nordic and International tech entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators of tomorrow. TechBBQ takes place over 2 days in the historic heart of Copenhagen creating local and global networks to drive growth for startups and scaleups. TechBBQ provides a snapshot of the Danish & Nordic stage for entrepreneurship and technology every year

✔ 2 days

✔ 150 speakers

✔ 50+ workshops

✔ 7,500+ attendees

✔ 3,000+ startups

✔ 1000 investors

TechBBQ's Mission

To create a unique entrepreneurial and technological ecosystem in Denmark, in order to put the Nordics on the world map as one of the leading tech, innovation and entrepreneurial hubs in Europe.

We want to make Denmark a “lighthouse” for technology and innovation in the Nordics. TechBBQ's contribution to the building this lighthouse enables the international marketing of Danish entrepreneurship and ensures that those abroad can see this lighthouse no matter their distance from Denmark.


TechBBQ prioritizes quality over quantity in everything we do. In 2019, TechBBQ will try to move away from the current trends comparing the Nordic ecosystem to places like Silicon Valley. We see great value in building an ecosystem that highlights its own strengths – and weaknesses of course. We want focus on what unique values Nordic entrepreneurs and technological innovators rely on and what barriers our culture might have, in terms of becoming the innovative and technological frontrunners that we aspire to be. In Denmark and the rest of the Nordic countries, we do things our way: #THENORDICWAY. TechBBQ puts a spotlight on this and wants to challenge and inspire it by bringing in relevant, experienced actors to share their knowledge and their stories.